Tidying up your Money

There are dramatic changes when you tidy up your financial mess 

and clarify your path forward.

By tidying up your finances both physically and psychologically, 

you gain clarity about what you really want and how you want to live.

You don’t have to worry about money anymore. 

Tidy up your life by tidying up your money.

Imagine how you’ll feel when your money worries are gone.


About Ai Ichii

Japan’s bestselling Author 

Money and Manifesting Coach


Mother of 2 children. At 31, I broke my body from the stress of child-rearing and work. I was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease when my husband’s company went into bankruptcy. With such anxiety that I have no money, by arranging “the way of money,” wasteful expenses are reduced naturally, and I realize that money is accumulated. Based on this experience, I published my book “Tidying up your money”, and it became a  bestseller. I am focusing on methods to increase wealth through the creation of a proper wallet and the traditional Japanese method of household budgeting known as ‘Kakeibo’.

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Introducing the Spiritual Journey for Abundance
Mon, August 8, 2022 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM Singapore


The best-selling book "Tidying up your Money" has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Korean.


The content of this book will talk about how to get rid of anxiety around money even for people who are not good with it. We want people to realize that they have enough money if they simply organize it correctly.

Magazines &TV

In the magazine, Ai Ichii teaches readers how to set their fridges and wallets in order to release their beliefs and anxieties about money.

Customers reviews

It was a life-changing opportunity

Ai's coaching has changed my life. It was a fulfilling time for me to grow as much as I could. At first I didn't know what to do. However, Ai's coaching made me want to take on the challenge and take a new step. Then I realized that there was a world I hadn't seen yet. I am glad that I had the courage to get/receive Ai-s coaching.
Infant instructor

I got tremendous confidence

With Ai's coaching, I was able to take on various challenges. Ai always encouraged me to take on any challenge without fear. As a result, I've been able to turn what I've always wanted to do into money. It is also a treasure to get to know wonderful members who I can respect.
Company employee

I realized that my experience was very valuable.

I had no experience in starting a business or even creating a homepage or blog. But AI's coaching brought out my spirit and gave me a mental awareness. As a result, even as a beginner, I was able to turn my experience into money. The energy work provided by Ai also gave me time to face myself, and made me realize many things that I didn't notice.
Calligraphy instructor

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